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Announcing The Counterpoint Classroom

Teacher GuideChamber Music Madness is proud to announce The Counterpoint Classroom, a companion resource to The Counterpoint Club. The Counterpoint Classroom is a free resource designed to help orchestra, band, choir, and private music teachers integrate the podcast into their virtual studio or classroom settings.

Designed for students 8th grade and older, the podcast is based on curricula designed by the Skyros Quartet for the Emerald City Chamber Music Organization (ECCHO) in-school chamber music program and the Tuned In! Summer Student Festival, the youth programs of Chamber Music Madness.

In The Counterpoint Classroom, you will find the Teacher Guides for Opus 1 and Opus 2. The Guide features three lesson ideas or assignments for each episode, to help you incorporate the podcast into your teaching:

  1. An activity for your entire class to participate in together
  2. An activity for smaller breakout groups
  3. An activity for an individual student

Each activity is designed to be completed after students have listened to an episode. Feel free to flesh out these basic outlines, modify them to suit your situation, or use them as a springboard to create your own discussions, assignments, and materials related to the content of The Counterpoint Club.

Of course, we would love for you to share The Counterpoint Club with your colleagues and friends! Word of mouth recommendations from you to other music teachers about this free resource will help to enrich the lives of many more young musicians!

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