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Full Interview with Shaunyce Omar

Shaunyce OmarIn Episode 1 of The Counterpoint Club, Sarah and Justin interview special guest, Shaunyce Omar. Well-known for her work as a theatre arts educator, singer, and stage and screen actor, Shaunyce has been a beloved teacher at the Tuned In! Summer Student Festival in Seattle for many years. Her Theatre Arts classes help break the ice and engage the students early in the week, inspire students to think creatively about characters for their pieces, and most importantly, nurture their confidence and skill in expressing themselves. Listen to Shaunyce talk about her methods and the importance of expressing feelings and character in music in every rehearsal, right from the start. And hear her speak to the need for overcoming assumptions and leaving prejudices at the door when interacting with colleagues.

Learn more about Shaunyce Omar in Episode 1, “Once Upon a Time.”

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  1. Ed Shaw
    Ed Shaw July 17, 2020

    Fun interview

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