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What’s with All the Pencil Gnomes?

Since the inaugural Opus of The Counterpoint Club, we have been dealing with the complex world of Pencil Gnomes. However, up to this point, we haven’t had a thorough discussion about these crafty characters. Well, we think it’s high time for an exposé, and in this special episode we’re taking a deep dive into this “Gnomey” subject.

Have you been wondering where these Pencil Gnomes come from? Why do they need pencils? How has the use of iPads and technology affected Pencil Gnome life? What tried and tested techniques does Skyros use to keep them away from our pencils? We have answers to some of these questions and more, as well as a rare and exclusive interview with Nim the Gnome, chief representative of the Pencil Gnome Union!

We are also including some pencil gnome depictions captured by The Counterpoint Club host Sarah Pizzichemi. Sarah adds, “I try to capture details and moments from the perspective of the unique and rich culture of the Pencil Gnome community, who tend to be a secretive bunch. If you’ve never seen a Pencil Gnome, let alone glimpses of the society of the Pencil Gnomes, that is understandable as it takes a special eye and mindset to gain their trust.”

We are especially grateful to Nim the Gnome for being willing to sit for a portrait during his interview.

Nim the Gnome

Enjoy Sarah’s drawings, seen in previous blog posts!

Pencil Gnome Therapies

Pencil Gnome List

Pencil Gnome Women’s Club


Rachell "Gnome" Wong


Gothard Sister Gnomes

Pencil Gnome Union Sketch


Fortissi Mo's Gym

Pencil Gnome



  1. Gennie Winkler
    Gennie Winkler April 1, 2021

    I want a Skyros Pencil Gnome Pencil. Gennie

    • Sarah
      Sarah April 6, 2021

      Oooo now wouldn’t that be something!!! I also would like a Skyros Pencil Gnome Pencil!! We will have to pass this along to Nim the Gnome and see what we may all be able to cook up together!

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