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Introducing, “The Counterpoint Club,” a Chamber Music Podcast!

Welcome to The Counterpoint Club, a chamber music podcast. The Counterpoint Club, launched in the summer of 2020, was originally envisioned as a virtual replacement for Tuned In! Summer Student Festival for students ages 13-24 in Seattle, WA. The Counterpoint Club is a place for anyone with an interest in chamber music to learn about the art form. Whether you are here as a musician, a middle or high school student, a university music major, or an adult amateur, we welcome you to discover new rehearsal methods and techniques, and explore  the fascinating role of chamber music within the larger history of Western classical music. If you are someone who loves listening to chamber music and are here  to learn more, think of this as a behind-the- scenes look at our process, all the tiny threads that come together to create a final performance of the music you so enjoy!

Our very first podcast season this summer is  called Opus 1 and it will include five episodes. These five episodes will cover the general themes we follow with our students over 5 days of learning at Tuned In! Summer Student Festival. We envision The Counterpoint Club as a wonderful gathering place for chamber music students, adult musicians, and music aficionados alike!

Skyros Quartet

The Counterpoint Club is hosted by the Skyros Quartet: Sarah Pizzichemi, Brandon Vance, Justin Kurys, and Willie Braun. Founded in 2010 at the University of Texas at Austin, the Skyros Quartet is now based in the Seattle area. In addition to their educational work as Artistic Directors for Chamber Music Madness, Skyros has appeared in concert across the Puget Sound region, with past tours across the US, Canada, and China. For more information, please visit their website:

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